Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cheap Travel - KL: Free Shuttle Go KL

This free shuttle 'Go KL' may not be new in KL but Cheap Travel would like to share this facilities to all because many people still do not familiar with this.

Taking over the concept from some developed countries to encourage people to use public transport this free shuttle 'Go KL' has been introduce since August 2012.

There 2 lines/ routes available recognized through their colors i.e.: green and purple. The main hub for purple line is KLCC while green line main hub is at Pasar Seni. It means that, the bus first and last stop is at these 2 points. Both lines meets at Bukit Bintang.

For Cheap Travel lovers, this is a great idea to save. We can just park at one spot and can go around KL for free. As far as we concern, the service is quite reliable.

This facilities is available from 6am to 11pm daily with free WIFI and handicapped facilities. WOW!!!

In terms of frequency, it should be around 5-15 minutes gap depending on the traffic condition. Quite a big gap eh? We also think so, this may be the point of improvement to be considered. Perhaps we can have a digital board telling us when is the next bus coming.

The routes can be referred as below:

Knowing so much advantage and benefit gained by the citizen and tourist, Cheap Travel really hope that this kind of facilities can be extended further to other routes.

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