Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cheap Travel - Perak : Teluk Nipah

Teluk Nipah beach
Pulau Pangkor/ Pangkor Island is one of tourist attraction in Perak. Pulau Pangkor is easily accessible through Lumut Jetty. Since 2010, the access has become easier because we can opt to board from Marina Island (terms and condition apply).

If you are board from Lumut Jetty, it takes approximately 30 minutes because it is quite further and it has two stops. It first stop at the fishermen village and the second one is at the tourist jetty. The best thing if we board from Lumut is we can also bring our bike onto the ferry. Of course charges apply. The ferry from Lumut Jetty is however quite crowded.
Marina Island Jetty

The new jetty at Marina Island is brand new private facilities. RM10 for return tickets and it takes approximately 10 minutes to Pulau Pangkor.

Main transportation at Pangkor Island either by big taxi or motorbike. Motorbike can be easily rented at RM30/day (if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong).

The BBQ area
Pulau Pangkor has few beaches, but the one and only for me is Teluk Nipah. My recent trip to Teluk Nipah, I can see a new face of Teluk Nipah. Some of the new facilities are well-lit BBQ area, more organized souvenir and food stall. And the best thing is the beach remain unchanged, still nice and beautiful.

Taking afternoon boat from Lumut and I will reach at the hotel just nice for check-in. Upon check-in, it is highly recommended to try the Lempeng Pisang (Banana pancake) and the Pulut Panggang sold by the beach. It is easily recognized because it is the only stall selling Lempeng Pisang and Pulut Panggang.

Once you get your tank filled, then you can enjoy the beach while watching the sunset. The weather usually is very cooperative. With that, I can say it is one of the best sunset view that we can experience. Not far from Teluk Nipah, there is also a observation tower where you can enjoy the sunset.

For those who are looking for water sports, there are few provider readily waiting for you. Some of the water sports available are Island hopping (not the best), snorkelling (worth the price), kayak, banana boat and many more. Do not forget to negotiate to get your best price.

All in all, Pulau Pangkor trip is a budget island trip. Everything is considerably cheap compare to other island in Malaysia yet not at the expense of the activity, view and the ambiance.

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